Where to Get Some Delicious Pizza in Slidell LA

Pizza in Slidell LA

It’s no surprise why so many people love pizza. If satisfies your carb cravings, offers plenty of comfort, and can be enjoyed in a variety of combinations.

With pizza being such a popular type of food, you may wonder where to get a good slice. While there are lots of great places in the area, we recommend the following spots for some of the best pizza in Slidell, LA.

Fat Jack’s Food & Spirits: Good Food in a Fun Atmosphere

Fat Jack’s Food & Spirits dates back to 1921, when Jack Serigne Sr. was born. As a kid, he was taught the importance of a good, hard work ethic. Yet he also learned the value of a good time from watching Mardi Gras parades with his family.

As he grew older, he decided to open this establishment to spread some good cheer, along with tasty food and drinks. Here, you’ll find lots of yummy gourmet pizzas, like:

  • Hawaiian
  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger

The Original Italian Pie: Serving Authentic Italian Dishes

The Original Italian Pie started in New Orleans, where they were often voted Best Pizza in different independent surveys.

However, the locals began referring to the place as The Pie, which seemed to stick. As business grew, the menu expanded to have a variety of authentic Italian meals. Yet they never strayed from the specialty pizzas that they were always known for.

While there are lots of great pies to choose from, we highly recommend The All Meat Pie. Classic house-made pizza sauce is topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, crumbled bacon, ham, and mozzarella.

Learn more on The Original Italian Pie Facebook page.

Pizza Platoon: Create Your Perfect Pie

If you’re looking for custom-made artisan pizza, then Pizza Platoon is the place for you. That’s because you get to create the pizza. Check out their prep line and add as many toppings as you’d like. They’ll work their magic and put everything together with military precision.

In order for your next meal to come to fruition, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Start with the crust, whether that’s their house-made dough or cauliflower option.
  2. Next comes the sauce, like spicy red, sundried tomato pesto, or garlic-infused olive oil.
  3. Choose any cheeses, such as mozzarella, blue cheese, or smoked gouda.
  4. Select any toppings available on the line, including bacon, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

Looking for ideas for your next meal? Find some inspiration on the Pizza Platoon Facebook page.

Grab a Slice in Slidell LA Today

If you suddenly have a hankering for pizza, we say to just give in to those cravings. For a piece of an ooey, gooey, cheesy pie, stop by one of these restaurants in Slidell, LA, today!

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