Kickstart New Year€™s Resolutions with CrossFit in Slidell LA

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A New Year’s resolution that many people make is to get in shape. While you could do that by running or swimming, you might want to consider something new and exciting.

CrossFit could be the type of exercise you’re looking for, where the workouts are intense but highly rewarding. To find out, keep reading to learn about Slidell CrossFit gyms to jump-start your New Year’s resolutions…

CrossFit FYR: High-Level Training for Anyone & Everyone

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CrossFit FYR (Find Your Reason) is where you’ll receive high-level functional training. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your current fitness level is since you’ll be in the best shape of your life after working with the instructors here.

Owner Julie Jean always wanted to open her own workout facility for a wide range of people. At 40 years old, she decided to make that dream a reality. Since the place focuses on family, you’ll find a game room/playroom with big windows. That way, parents can work out and keep an eye on their children as they do homework, play games, or watch TV.

You can participate in various programs, such as the JulieBuilt Fit Camp, or get one-on-one training. To learn about any of their services, check out CrossFit FYR on Facebook.

Forged Steele CrossFit: Where You’ll Push Past Your Limits

At Forged Steele CrossFit, you’ll find a community of goal-driven individuals who strive to push past the limits they’ve set for themselves. Here, they believe that, “your physical ability doesn’t limit you, your mindset does.” By working through your doubts, you can get in great shape.

In the 2,400-square-foot facility, you’ll find state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment. Outside, there’s a 7,500-square-foot turf field with more ways to work out. Plus, you can enjoy one of two Olympic-sized heated pools for heated WODs (Workouts of the Day).

Learn more on the Forged Steele CrossFit Facebook page.

Fortitude CrossFit: Receiving More Than Just a Gym Membership

CrossFit Lifestyle

When you join Fortitude CrossFit, you become more than just another gym member. You’ll actually get the most out of your time, with proper training that turns into a lifestyle.

Rather than doing standard cardio or pushups, you’ll get a well-designed program that’ll incorporate numerous exercises. They may be challenging, but they’ll help get you to optimal health in no time.

If you’re not sure if CrossFit is right for you, you’ll get a chance to try it out for free. By working with a personal trainer for three days at no charge, you’ll enjoy a life-changing experience with no pressure to join.

If you’re thinking of joining, then check out Fortitude CrossFit on Facebook first for more information.

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For a more intense fitness experience, consider joining a CrossFit gym in Slidell, LA. Contact any of them today to see how you can become a member in the new year.

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