Honda Civic Maintenance Schedule

Honda Civic Maintenance

As a Honda Civic owner, you know the dependable performance that the vehicle offers. However, it’s able to maintain that reliability through regular maintenance.

Plus, the car can tell you when service is needed through its handy Maintenance Minder™ system. Below, we’ll explain what this feature does and what steps are taken through each part of a Honda Civic maintenance plan.

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Stay on Top of Maintenance with Maintenance Minder™

Honda Civic Dashboard

The Honda Civic is built with a Maintenance Minder™ system. It’s designed to notify you whenever specific maintenance is needed for your car, which is calculated by the number of miles driven over a period of time.

If service is needed, a message will appear behind the steering wheel whenever you turn the vehicle on. It’ll appear as a letter or number, which will be further explained below.

It’s important to note that Maintenance Minder™ will need to be reset every time you bring your Civic in for service. Otherwise, it won’t accurately tell you when service is needed, which could lead to bigger issues down the line.

Maintenance Main Items

The letters “A” and “B” are defined as “Maintenance Main Items.” If code “A” appears, your Civic will need an oil change. If “B” appears, it’ll need an oil and filter change, along with the following tasks:

  • Inspect front and rear brakes.
  • Check expiration date for temporary tire repair kit bottle (if equipped).

The technician will then look over these additional car parts:

  • Tie rod ends, steering gearbox, and boots
  • Suspension components
  • Driveshaft boots
  • Brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA®)
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel lines and connections
  • All fluid conditions and levels

The specific fluids that will be looked over are for the engine coolant, manual or continuously variable transmission, then the clutch, brake, and windshield washer fluids.

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Maintenance Sub Items

Honda Civic Service

Maintenance Minder™ can also show a number on the dashboard of your Honda Civic. These are “Maintenance Sub Items,” which range from 1-7 and signify that the following work needs to be completed:

  1. Rotate tires.
  2. Replace the air cleaner element, as well as the dust and pollen filter. Inspect the drive belt, too.
  3. Replace the transmission fluid.
  4. Change out the spark plugs and look over the valve clearance.
  5. Replace the engine coolant.
  6. Replace the brake fluid.


There are specific fluids, filters, and other parts that our Honda-certified technicians will use for service. They are in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, and they’ll help keep your Civic in peak performance for many years and miles.

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