Honda Pilot Maintenance Schedule

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Taking care of regular maintenance is the best way to protect your car. Your Honda Pilot gets you where you want to go every day, transporting you to destinations in Picayune, MS; Slidell, LA; and St. Tammany Parish, LA. Follow the Honda Pilot maintenance schedule to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance out of your car.

Our experienced service technicians know what your car needs and when it needs it. Schedule a service appointment on our website or give us a call, as we take a look at some of the key Honda Pilot services to consider.

Using the Honda Pilot Maintenance Minder™

Low Engine Oil

Maintenance items, which should be taken care of when replacing the engine oil, will appear on the Driver Information Interface known as the Maintenance Minder™. When engine oil life has dipped below 15%, you’ll receive Maintenance Minder™ messages, letting you know it’s time for an oil change and when to bring the Pilot in for certain services.

Changing Engine Oil at 7,500 Miles

If the “Maintenance Due Now” message doesn’t pop up more than 12 months after the display has been reset, change the engine oil every year. Otherwise, you’ll want to change the oil when the message turns on. Engine oil helps your vehicle run smoothly on area roads. You’ll typically have this service completed after 7,500 miles of driving.

We’ll also check other elements, like the tires, and rotate them if necessary. Front and rear brakes will also be inspected, and fluids will be topped off too.

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15,000 Miles

Honda Oil Change

After driving for 15,000 miles, your Pilot will be ready for its second scheduled maintenance appointment. We’ll take care of the oil change and the items already mentioned above, then add in an inspection of the tie rod ends, steering gearbox, and ball joints.

The dust and pollen filter should also be replaced at this point too. That filter keeps dust and pollen from reaching the cabin. If you’ve noticed lately that you’re sneezing and dealing with allergies while the car is in motion, it could be due to a blocked filter.

30,000 Miles

You’ve been with your Pilot for quite some time now. Impressive! As the miles begin to add up on the odometer, be sure you’re paying attention to it. This is the time for a comprehensive look at the brake system, including the anti-lock brakes and Vehicle Stability Assist system.

Hoses and lines will be checked for leaks, and if the brake pads need to be changed, we’ll replace the old pads with brand-new ones. Brake pads help bring your Honda Pilot to a stop, and it’s important that you’re able to hit the brakes and rely on these pads to slow the car down.

Schedule a Honda Pilot Service Visit Today

When it’s time to schedule your next service appointment, get in touch with the team here at Honda of Slidell. You can also fill out the service appointment form on our website. Our goal is to provide efficient service so that you’re able to get back on the roads of Picayune, Mississippi; Slidell, Louisiana; and St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

Follow this Honda Pilot maintenance schedule to stay up to date with your vehicle’s service!