5 Signs You Need an Oil Change

Do you ever find yourself driving around Slidell, Picayune, and St. Tammany Parish wondering, “when’s the last time I got my oil changed?”

Sure, the inability to remember your last service appointment can be one of the signs you need an oil change. But Honda of Slidell is here to tell you there’s a better way. These tips will give you a more concrete answer as to how soon you need to make your next oil change appointment. Be sure to contact our service team to learn more today!

  1. Dashboard Light

Many newer vehicles have built-in systems to let you know when you need an oil change. For instance, Honda equips its models with Honda Maintenance Minder. This keeps track of how much life is left in your oil based on factors like mileage, driving conditions, and time.

If you have a system like this, it’s easy to know when you need an oil change: A light will show up on your dashboard telling you to make an appointment.

  1. Milky Oil

You can also check the condition of your oil by taking a look at the dipstick. Unused oil is amber in color, but it quickly darkens after running through your engine.

Darker-colored oil doesn’t always mean you need an oil change-but milky white spots do. These discolorations mean your oil has been contaminated with water. When water gets into your motor oil, it greatly reduces its effectiveness, so this is a sign you need an oil change.

  1. Gritty Oil

While you have the dipstick out, rub some oil between your fingers to test its consistency. Ideally, it will feel smooth. Gritty or sludge-like oil can wear out your engine and should be changed.

  1. Excess Engine Noise

Is your engine louder than usual? Excess engine noise, especially if it sounds like knocking or tapping, can be a sign your oil has reached the end of its life. This is because, as oil ages, it’s less effective at providing lubrication to your engine’s internal components.

  1. Overheating Engine

When your oil loses its ability to lubricate those quickly-moving parts, your engine can begin to overheat from the excess friction. If your engine temperature is climbing and it’s been a while since your last oil change, providing this simple service may take care of the problem.

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Never Miss an Oil Change Again

Of course, the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss an oil change is to keep a service journal for your car. First, make sure you know how often your car should be getting an oil change. Many Honda models recommend this service every 12 months or 7,500 miles, but it can vary depending on your vehicle and driving conditions.
Then, create a service log to write down the date and mileage each time you change your oil. Keep it in an easy-to-find place, like your vehicle’s glove box. Then, next time you wonder whether you need an oil change, you can simply consult this service history.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

If you read these 5 signs you need an oil change and kept thinking “that sounds familiar,” then guess what? It’s time to schedule an oil change.

If you’re in Slidell, Picayune, or St. Tammany Parish, head to Honda of Slidell to get this essential service done. Schedule a service appointment today-your engine will thank you!

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