Community Spotlight: The English Tea Room

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One step inside The English Tea Room and you will feel like you have transported across the Atlantic into an authentic English tea oasis. The smell of freshly brewed tea radiates around the space as your eyes gaze upon all the English memorabilia found throughout The English Tea Room. Enjoying their tea with some friends and family is something both locals and visitors to the area must experience! 

A Tea-rific Selection of Beverages

Tea Flavors

Once you sit down and open their menu, you will be amazed at just how many teas there are to choose! With over 200 different flavors to pick from on their tea list, you are sure to find something new to try.

You’ll find everything from robust black teas and refreshing green teas to floral herbal teas. Here are just a few favorites among the range of teas you’ll find at The English Tea Room:

  • Darjeeling: This black tea is known as The Champagne of Teas, so have a cup of this brewed for you to celebrate with!
  • Morning Rain: This green tea features chunks of coconut and slices of almond that makes it the perfect beverage to start of the day with.
  • The Spa at Lanesborough UK: Unwind and relax while sipping on this tea, which features vanilla mixed with lavender and chamomile.

You can even try one of their special blends, which combines various tea leaves and other ingredients for truly one-of-a-kind teas.

Food to Go Along with Your Tea

Eggs Benedict

No matter what time of day you stop by The English Tea Room, there is the perfect meal or snack to go along with your tea. When starting off the morning with some tea, you can also enjoy their Eggs Benedict, Buckingham Bake, or freshly baked scones for breakfast.

Meet up for lunch with a few friends at The English Tea Room. They have everything from their Mixed Green Salad to their Shepherd’s Pie that you can pair along with your tea. You could just skip right to dessert and enjoy a sweet treat with your tea, like their Lemon Tart or Cheesecake!

Host an Event at The English Tea Room

Along with hosting their own themed events throughout the year that you can attend, you can also have your own private celebration at The English Tea Room. Whether you want to throw a birthday party or are organizing a bridal shower, you and your guest will be treated like royalty while enjoying the special occasion at The English Tea Room! They can create a one-of-a-kind event for you–and of course, provide all the tea you and your guests can drink.

Take a Trip Across the Pond!

Enjoy an authentic English experience at The English Tea Room! You can enjoy both traditional and uniquely created teas as well as classic English dishes when you visit.

You’ll only need to make the short drive too over to The English Tea Room to do so. Stop by today and meet up with your friends at The English Tea Room!