Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Grinding Brakes

Brakes, like any part in your vehicle, will begin to wear down over time. Occasionally, you’ll notice this wear-and-tear process because your brakes begin to grind, screech, or make some other noise. There are usually a few different answers to the question of, “why are my brakes grinding?”  

At Honda of Slidell, it’s our duty to keep each member of St. Tammany Parish, LA; Slidell, LA; and Picayune, MS, informed about automotive care. So, the following is an overview of your brakes, how long they last, signs they might be wearing down, and finally, what you can do about it all! Be sure to contact us with any questions.

How Long Do Brakes Last?

Brake Inspection

As we said, brakes can begin to wear down over time, causing them to grind, screech, or make other odd noises. That begs the question, how long do brakes last? In general estimates, your brakes will last somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000 miles. The pads will need to be swapped out along the way, while the rotors can endure more miles before needing to be swapped out.

Where your specific car’s brakes fall on this scale depends on a few factors. Replacing the brakes will need to happen more frequently if you stress them on a daily basis. So, high-performance cars, vehicles used for towing, or anyone navigating dense, bumper-to-bumper traffic each day will need more frequent brake replacements.

If you properly care for your model and don’t ask much of your brakes, they’ll be able to provide a longer lifespan!

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Signs Brakes Are Wearing Down: Grinding and Other Symptoms

Worn Brakes Signs

If your brakes are grinding, it’s a tell-tale sign that friction has caused them to wear down. The brakes may still be able to slow your vehicle, yet they’ll only continue to wear until you replace or repair them. This isn’t the only sign of worn brakes, though.

To give you an idea of other symptoms suggesting your brakes are worn, here’s a helpful list:

  • Squishy Pedal: Your brakes should always be responsive and reassuring. As soon as you push on the pedal, you should have the ability to stop your vehicle. If you find that you’re pressing the brake pedal to the floor before your car decelerates, it suggests the brakes are worn and you need to replace them.
  • Pulling: While uncommon, sometimes one of your brakes will wear down more rapidly than the other. If you hit the brakes and notice your car always leans to either the right or left, it suggests extensive wearing has occurred to one side of the brakes.
  • Lengthy Stopping Times: You know your model and how quickly you can stop from certain speeds. If lately you’ve noticed it takes a longer distance or more time to stop, it could be because of worn brakes.

End the Grinding! Have Your Brakes Serviced

Whether just a repair or a quick replacement, our Honda of Slidell Service Center can end the grinding of your brakes. So, if you’re near St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana; Slidell, Louisiana; or Picayune, Mississippi, schedule your service appointment today!